Saturday, May 30, 2009

Over and Done

I find myself in the final days at my current job. I'm still going to help out on a specific function for a very limited time, just until they can figure out who can handle those very specific and complex functions. I'm fairly certain everyone knows I'm leaving.

I've been working a limited schedule the past few weeks to wean them off my presence. What's hilarious is that some of my co-workers are trying to give jobs back to me that they know and should be doing.

And the most hilarious part is that I got a phone call from one of them as I typed this blog. How will they function?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Big, Fat Fundraiser

Last year there were three Burlesque Hall of Fame fundraisers in Los Angeles. I danced in two of them. Local producers have faced challenges with venues and schedules this year, so no one was able to host the Burlesque Hall of Fame fundraiser for L.A. Because I'm crazy and love biting off more than I can apparently chew, I decided to produce the event this year. I did it between two huge written finals during one of my last weeks at my current job, and the week before my play opens. I'm still patting myself on the back.

I had 40 performers in this show. Twenty of them were students of Striptease Symposium, so they were well-organized, well-managed and very professional. Their instructors were on hand to help many of them through their group burlesque debut. That made life so much easier. The rest of the performers were professionals, so the greatest challenge I had outside of coordinating the whole thing was answering the questions of many people at once. I had an incredible crew and a wonderful support staff who assisted throughout the evening. At least 25% of my cast had experience producing shows, so the questions I was asked were important.

After raffles, a donation from L.A. Burlesque and paying for the theatre from the door revenue, we made $1076 for the Burlesque Hall of Fame. We had a theatre full of paying patrons. We had a huge multi-level stage with a curtain and a follow spot. We had a dressing room with its own bathrooms. It was a fun evening. I'm very proud of the work everyone did. I'll probably be involved in the fundraiser next year.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

My First Yoga Class

One of my friends was getting her yoga certification and needed guinea pigs. She's a phenomenal dance teacher so I knew her yoga class would be awesome. Today was her last day to teach to get certified, and today was my first day to actually make it to class. (I bagged work this morning since I'm leaving in a few weeks so reducing my hours is a good idea.)

Twelve hours later and I am still sore. Yoga is different from Pilates. You're still lengthening your muscles and stretching, but it seems have less activity than Pilates. It's still pretty damn intense. I stretched things I didn't know I had. I understand why so many people tout yoga since it requires focus and relaxation. I was ready for a nap immediately after the class.

Of course, I still went to my Pilates class in the afternoon. I think that's part of the reason I'm so sore.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eight Rehearsals Left

I put together my schedule last night to invite designers and executives to see rehearsals of my play, and I realized I have eight rehearsals left before my two tech rehearsals before opening. The show is in great shape, but I'm running out of time to tinker.

There's something sad about realizing there are only eight rehearsals left: these are our final days together in this circumstance. We'll work with each other again but never in this same circumstance. We'll have four weeks of great shows and a few parties in between to celebrate the accomplishment. After that, everyone will scatter to the four winds. Getting everyone in the same room to have fun is challenging if not impossible after the show ends. I've tried it with other shows; it doesn't happen or it's just not the same.

But in the meantime, I have eight rehearsals to sculpt this into absolute perfection.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh No!

I was going to blog about how great things went with the World's Smallest Renn Faire this weekend and share photos. When I hooked my camera up to the computer, I found the switch that changes it from shooting to preview was missing. I can't pull photos if I can't switch it to preview. Grrr.

Then I found the missing switch, put it in the camera and NOTHING! It's broken on the inside. No clue how it happened but I have to get it fixed before I can share Renn Faire photos. :(

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here's Something Light And Fluffy

My posts have been a bit serious lately. Let's take a break from that, shall we?

I rarely drink. Alcohol is too great for weight gain for me to make it a regular habit. That, and I spent my early teen years with ready booze access. This is a photo of me in Boston after multiple drinks after many years of rare drinking.

You see, my friend and I were celebrating our participation in the Boston Burlesque Expo. We celebrated with booze. We closed down the bar then took the party to someone's room. Good times. I sobered up in the room so I could sleep in peace and hopefully wake up without a hangover.

I shot this photo of myself right before I headed down the escalator to the bathroom. There may have been a bathroom on the same floor as the bar but it wasn't terribly obvious. At this point in the evening, I really had to concentrate on my movement so I didn't fall over and hurt myself in my girly shoes. As I rode down the escalator, I saw my roommate in the glass elevator. I used drunken sign language to indicate to her that we were all in the bar, and I nearly got scraped off the escalator because I reached the bottom as I was still gesturing.

Enjoy this photo. It's a rarity.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Happens Now?

It's been close to two weeks since I gave notice at my day job. I felt great today as I compiled oodles of write-ups of parts of my job. I haven't announced to everyone in the office that I'm leaving; I'm pretty sure my boss has done that. I've also passed over some pieces of my job to the people who should be doing those very things since I went back to school in February.

I find myself at a rather strange crossroads. My workload will decrease over the coming weeks as I continue to turn things over. I've made myself available for temp work through one agency on Thursdays and Fridays, but I don't know that I'll hear anything from them before I'm free for summer. I may be unemployed for a couple weeks for the first time in twelve years. That means no income for a couple weeks ... or more. It's a scary prospect.

I guess I could always spend that time choreographing, building costumes or (gulp) cleaning.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


California has this "hands-free" cell phone law so you can't hold your phone up to your ear while you drive. As a pre-emptive strike (before the law went into effect), I bought Bluetooths for me and Andrew early last year. We wore those cheap gadgets into the ground, and found they were useful for more than just driving. I'm a multi-tasker when I can be. If I can talk on the phone with family and fold laundry at the same time, I will do just that. My day job has a lot of cell phone calls from the boss, so I could talk to him on my Bluetooth and type at the same time. I've even put on false eyelashes while talking on the phone because of the convenience of the Bluetooth.

A month ago, I lost my Bluetooth in Boston. I felt like I couldn't communicate with anyone because I'd been hands-free in life for well over a year. It wasn't like I just lost a gadget but more like I lost the convenience of communication. So I've struggled for a month, putting people on speaker phone, cutting conversations short and just sending text messages based on voicemails. It sucks. Andy found my Bluetooth, but it hasn't arrived in the mailbox yet so I'm still Bluetoothless. And to top it all off, Andrew, great hater of Bluetooth, left his in the pocket of his pants and laundered it yesterday. Now we're both Bluetoothless and angry about it. Looks like I have a trip to the Verizon store in my future before we both lose our minds.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

World Turning

It's been a busy time for me. We'll go point by point so you don't miss out on anything.
  • Tracing Sonny rehearsals are going well. Love my cast, love the piece. I have rehearsals keeping me busy at night.
  • I got an A on my second film history test (third highest grade in the class). I have a ton of study to do in the next three weeks for the final.
  • My ballet class is totally kicking my ass. I have to keep at it so maybe one day I'll have the grace of a real ballerina. Not there yet. I really hope I pass my final -- a dance to an entire Mozart piece.
  • I'm putting together a new number to the song "Paper Doll" by the Mills Brothers. I'm making a paper costume and everything. I hope I get it done in time.
  • And lastly for this update, I put in my notice at work on Monday. It's perfect timing because the big boss wants to do some restructuring in the company, so a lot of my hats will be passed back to the people who should be wearing them. My plan is to be gone from there by June 13th so everything is turned over properly, but I may be done sooner. I have an interview with a temp agency tomorrow so I can hopefully get a full day of work a week while I finish school this semester, then fill up my summer with work.


Friday, May 01, 2009

Easter Zombies

Before Andy's big party, we stopped at a taco place in Cambridge for me to get some Mexican food. (For those of you playing along at home, tacos are the official food of Los Angeles burlesque. We eat a lot of tacos and talk about the tacos that we eat. It's ridiculous.)

From the taco place, we had a lovely view of zombies. That's right -- zombies. On Easter. The Boston Zombie Outbreak is an annual thing. Folks dress up like zombies and lurch down the streets of Cambridge in their Sunday best (more or less). I saw bloody handprints on the window of the CVS as we walked back to Andy's place. There were a lot of people. It took a good five minutes or so for the zombie parade to clear the taco place. It was pretty cool. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if something like that happened in L.A.

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