Tuesday, May 12, 2009


California has this "hands-free" cell phone law so you can't hold your phone up to your ear while you drive. As a pre-emptive strike (before the law went into effect), I bought Bluetooths for me and Andrew early last year. We wore those cheap gadgets into the ground, and found they were useful for more than just driving. I'm a multi-tasker when I can be. If I can talk on the phone with family and fold laundry at the same time, I will do just that. My day job has a lot of cell phone calls from the boss, so I could talk to him on my Bluetooth and type at the same time. I've even put on false eyelashes while talking on the phone because of the convenience of the Bluetooth.

A month ago, I lost my Bluetooth in Boston. I felt like I couldn't communicate with anyone because I'd been hands-free in life for well over a year. It wasn't like I just lost a gadget but more like I lost the convenience of communication. So I've struggled for a month, putting people on speaker phone, cutting conversations short and just sending text messages based on voicemails. It sucks. Andy found my Bluetooth, but it hasn't arrived in the mailbox yet so I'm still Bluetoothless. And to top it all off, Andrew, great hater of Bluetooth, left his in the pocket of his pants and laundered it yesterday. Now we're both Bluetoothless and angry about it. Looks like I have a trip to the Verizon store in my future before we both lose our minds.


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