Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here's Something Light And Fluffy

My posts have been a bit serious lately. Let's take a break from that, shall we?

I rarely drink. Alcohol is too great for weight gain for me to make it a regular habit. That, and I spent my early teen years with ready booze access. This is a photo of me in Boston after multiple drinks after many years of rare drinking.

You see, my friend and I were celebrating our participation in the Boston Burlesque Expo. We celebrated with booze. We closed down the bar then took the party to someone's room. Good times. I sobered up in the room so I could sleep in peace and hopefully wake up without a hangover.

I shot this photo of myself right before I headed down the escalator to the bathroom. There may have been a bathroom on the same floor as the bar but it wasn't terribly obvious. At this point in the evening, I really had to concentrate on my movement so I didn't fall over and hurt myself in my girly shoes. As I rode down the escalator, I saw my roommate in the glass elevator. I used drunken sign language to indicate to her that we were all in the bar, and I nearly got scraped off the escalator because I reached the bottom as I was still gesturing.

Enjoy this photo. It's a rarity.

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