Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Big, Fat Fundraiser

Last year there were three Burlesque Hall of Fame fundraisers in Los Angeles. I danced in two of them. Local producers have faced challenges with venues and schedules this year, so no one was able to host the Burlesque Hall of Fame fundraiser for L.A. Because I'm crazy and love biting off more than I can apparently chew, I decided to produce the event this year. I did it between two huge written finals during one of my last weeks at my current job, and the week before my play opens. I'm still patting myself on the back.

I had 40 performers in this show. Twenty of them were students of Striptease Symposium, so they were well-organized, well-managed and very professional. Their instructors were on hand to help many of them through their group burlesque debut. That made life so much easier. The rest of the performers were professionals, so the greatest challenge I had outside of coordinating the whole thing was answering the questions of many people at once. I had an incredible crew and a wonderful support staff who assisted throughout the evening. At least 25% of my cast had experience producing shows, so the questions I was asked were important.

After raffles, a donation from L.A. Burlesque and paying for the theatre from the door revenue, we made $1076 for the Burlesque Hall of Fame. We had a theatre full of paying patrons. We had a huge multi-level stage with a curtain and a follow spot. We had a dressing room with its own bathrooms. It was a fun evening. I'm very proud of the work everyone did. I'll probably be involved in the fundraiser next year.

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