Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cat People

I don't hate cats. I'm just very allergic to them. I recognize that many people get cats because they don't feel they have the lifestyles to accommodate dogs. (Cats really are no substitute for dogs, but I digress.) I have dogs and I love dogs and I'm not allergic to dogs.

My neighbor has cats. He's pretty good about keeping his cats inside. Over three years, I can't say I've ever actually seen his cats. I've seen cats, but they were too mangy to be his cats. Neighborhood animals crawl into my yard and think it's their home. Our dogs have chased off bunnies, neighborhood small dogs (not strays) and cats o' plenty in the time we've been here. Piper caught the neighbor's tiny dog once and shook the hell out of it, and Felicity caught a random kitten, shook it and frightened it to death. We check our yard before we let the dogs outside because we don't want to deal with another dead body, and we want to remain on good terms with our neighbors even if they're the ones not properly managing their pets.

We've had an abundance of cats in our yard lately. We check the yard, but sometimes they hide under the car or on the back stoop. Hell, a couple cats in heat fought on our front porch last week while we were sleeping. It was as if we suddenly grew a bunch of cats. Where the hell did all these cats come from? Couldn't they tell that our yard wasn't a safe haven for them when my big dogs with fangs came out to run around? What would attract them to my yard?

My neighbor has been putting out food for the strays. I discovered it Thursday and I was pissed. I saw a cute little kitten that was probably from the same litter as the one Felicity scared to death. The cats walk through my yard to get to the viddles. Damn it! I'm trying to chase the cats away for their own safety, and my neighbor is luring them in. Fucking cat people.

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