Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to Survive in Vegas for Three Days Without Deodorant

Wow. I just typed that title. Hilarious.

Let me first explain myself because the premise sounds pretty disgusting. I'm very particular about my deodorant. I can't wear the stuff that feels waxy. I don't like mixing scents so I stay away from powder-scented spray deodorant or surf-scented roll on. The deodorant stones say to dampen them but they don't really work unless you douse them and re-wet for your second application. I use unscented roll on deodorant that isn't full of chemicals, and it works fairly well when I'm not too distracted in the morning to apply it. My roll on deodorant doesn't travel well; it has a tendency to leak on everything. I couldn't put it in my single carry on suitcase and risk it leaking all over my costume for Burlesque Hall of Fame Reunion Weekend.

As I've proven before, antibacterial gel works as a great deodorant substitute in a pinch. My plan was to get a travel bottle between the opening of my show and the airport. Didn't happen. When I reached the hotel/casino, I checked the gift shop for some antibacterial gel. They were out. They had wipes but I suspect those wouldn't work the same. I was still fine from my Saturday morning application of deodorant at home when I wandered the casino. To my surprise, they had antibacterial gel dispensers in the huge bathrooms on the casino floor. So for the remainder of Saturday, Sunday and early Monday, I used the antibacterial gel from the dispensers to smell fresh for free. I didn't smell like a chili dog once.


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