Thursday, June 04, 2009


My play opens tonight. It's nice to see something come to fruition after investing months of work into it. I'm very proud of the work I've done directing this show, the work Andrew did writing it, and the work of all of my actors. I have some great designers, and the members of Theatre Unleashed have all given their support.

The opening of a show is bittersweet. I'm glad the rehearsals are through so my evenings are opened up again. I'm glad I won't have to spend the majority of my days and nights in the theatre making sure the technical elements are ready to go. I'm glad I'm done fighting with the multimedia element. It will be nice to deliver a final product to an audience.

The sad part is sending the five year-old off to school for the first day. Rehearsals have been so fun. My actors are awesome. The material has been a joy to direct. I have to take my hands off it now.

I leave you with the above photo from our early rehearsals. We blocked the play at an office in the Valley so we didn't have proper platforms. We tamed the sea of pink rolling chairs and black tables to create our set for rehearsals. I think we were blocking part of the first act that night. You can see my entire cast in this crappy cell phone photo: (L-R) Sylvia Anderson, Vanessa Hurd, Jacob Smith and Sebastian Kadlecik. If you're near L.A., you have to see this show. It'll make you laugh and cry.

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