Monday, June 29, 2009

Party's Over

Tracing Sonny closed yesterday. It's strange because I was so tired and scatterbrained from life that I didn't get to properly bid my show goodbye.

This show was an absolute delight from the beginning of the process to the very end. My designers were great. My cast was amazing. My crew was dedicated. The theatre company was so supportive and I got some good reviews. (I'll post those blurbs later.)

I applied my knowledge of dancing and composition to directing. I tried to create a welcoming and fun creative environment for my actors. Most of our rehearsals seemed like fucking around time. We'd share stories and talk about our days and tell horrible jokes, then get a lot done in a short period. Because it was a small cast, I could work around the last minute work and illnesses. I went to almost every show, started giving ridiculous pep talks before the shows and hanging out with them during intermission. In fact, one of my ridiculous pep talks led to the art on my thank you card from the cast.

You see, I wanted to entertain them and distract them so any pre-show nerves would be forgotten. (My dad tried the same tactic before walking me down the aisle, declaring that he was gassy. Of course, I wasn't nervous but it was hilarious just the same.) The story was about a random statue that I saw at a store on Melrose. The story sounded obscene so I brought it around and gave them some "the moral of the story is" bullshit. So the ever gifted Sebastian Kadlecik (one of my cast members and the artist who cranks out awesome Snapper art for me) drew the cover of the card based on my description. The custom card and the messages inside validated my work far more than any reviews.

It was fun, kids. Let's do it again sometimes.

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