Thursday, June 18, 2009


I helped a friend co-produce a show last night. The regular co-producer was out of town so I stepped in to help. I was surprisingly calm through all the glitches -- the oil puddle on stage, the music issues, the accidental redistribution of pay because of a misunderstanding, the unnecessary apologies to the audience. The show went well and people loved it, so that's what's important in the end.

I did learn more about myself as a producer. Generally, it's better for me to produce something myself or with Andrew. I know exactly what is going on, what's done and what's not done when it's all being run out of my household. I do ask for help and I delegated tasks for the really big show, but I was running it so I knew things were getting done. It wasn't clear exactly what parts of the producer hat I was responsible for, but I probably should've made a checklist for this show. I do work well with Theatre Unleashed since I know exactly who handles what part of the production, and I know they know they're responsible for that part just as I'm responsible for my part of the production. I guess the trick to co-producing is knowing what the other person is doing and thinking, and knowing what parts of the producer hat need to be covered.

Kids, take a lesson from me on this one. Know what's expected of you. (I probably should've pestered the real co-producer I was replacing for this show what tasks she covers. Oops.) But at least we didn't burn the place down, right?


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