Thursday, July 02, 2009

$436 Screw

A little over a week ago, I went to a party a friend held to introduce people to her new skin care business. The Mapquest directions were a little tricky, but I made it there okay. Of course, I turned right at a red light from La Brea onto Rodeo. That was my fatal mistake.

This morning I got a citation in the mail for running the red light while making a right turn. I was able to view the footage online. Guilty. Of course, there were two cars that turned left on the red light (far more dangerous). Would you believe that the city has focused on ticketing people for right turns at red lights because it's easier to prove? Why bother putting the attention on the more dangerous traffic violations, like running straight through the red light or turning left on a red? There's a hideous photo of me behind the wheel on the ticket. I figured I would just pay the ticket, expecting it to be $60 or $80 since no one was crossing the street and no cars were coming.

Nope. $436. To appeal it, I have to pay the $436 first. Once they get their blood money, they're not going to care about my defense. I suspect they raised the fine for the right turns because they were easier to prove in court and because the city could make a crapload of money off the fines. A friend includes notes with her fine payments telling the city which pothole she'd like to have filled with her money.

I know my note wouldn't be nearly that cordial.


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