Sunday, July 05, 2009

Big Easy

I've been accepted to perform at the New Orleans Burlesque Fest in September. I'm very excited to bring Red Snapper burlesque to a new city, and I'm also excited to go to New Orleans for the first time ever. (I grew up a few hours from Louisiana but I've never even been to Louisiana.) What's even better is that I'm performing in the late show on September 12th at the House of Blues. Holy shit! John Mayer has performed on that stage!

I submitted a number I put together for Memorial Day - Rosie the Riveter. It's cute and short. The photo to the left was shot by Dan Hendricks. I was going to submit a different number, but the technical aspects of that number (clothing made entirely of paper) were a little too complicated to risk. I'll be working the number the rest of the summer, a nice blend of classic striptease and cutesy comedy.

There's one little bugger in my big plan to dance in New Orleans: money. With that stupid traffic ticket and my questionable employment status at present, I have to generate a lot of dough to make it to New Orleans in September. The plane ticket is around $400 (about the same as flying to Boston). The hotel is $89 a night plus taxes and fees. I'm waiting to find out how much I'll have to pay for the rest of the events that weekend. And I'll have to eat and pick up another shot glass for my collection. (Andrew and I started collecting shot glasses years ago because they take up less space than coffee cups.)

I'm selling custom pasties and sparkly hair flowers to help cover my costs. I'll post photos over the next few days of what I'm selling and how much. Every item is under $20. If you know someone in the market for some showgirl accessories, send them to my blog. Of course, if you just want to throw a fistful of virtual dollars at me to help with my cause (because you find me amusing or cute or something), you can go here:

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