Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Case of Crabs

Last year I was introduced to Joe's Crab Shack in San Diego. A few blocks behind San Diego Convention Center, Joe's is a perfect alternative to overpriced convention food. I had a delicious time there last year, so I dragged Andrew there for lunch last Thursday.

Joe's has four incredible things that I absolutely love, but I only took two photos so you'll have to bear with me. Joe's has crab cakes. I love crab cakes. It's my love of crab cakes that led me to the crab cake sliders this year. It's also that love of crab cakes that kept me from ordering "crachos."

"Crachos" (pronounced crotch-ohs) were given their name by our Comic-Con group last year. We found crab nachos on the menu and they became crachos. Andrew went for the crachos. I finally got to sample them and they were good. I highly recommend the crachos for anyone.

I had two other treats I'd tried last year. Their bananas foster is amazing. Sure, it was the same size and weight as my actual meal. I made as big a dent as I could in it, and Andrew was very little help. The cherry on top was the "shark bite," A.K.A. the vomiting shark drink. It's sugar and booze and a shark that barfs "blood" (grenadine). Our table ordered one last year and passed it around. I had it all to myself this time and was hammered within moments. It's much like sugary toxic waste with paint thinner (vodka). I think I'd like it better without the vodka, but it tastes good anyway.

If you find yourself near a Joe's, follow my food recommendations and get your crab fix.

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