Saturday, July 11, 2009

Co-pay Woe Pay

I started having horrible pain in my neck and shoulder on Sunday. After some investigation, I discovered my chiropractor would accept my insurance. This was great news because I could afford a $10 to $12 co-pay but not a regular cash visit. I scheduled my appointment for early Wednesday morning when my doctor was in.

When I set my appointment, I explained that I finally have insurance. I gave them all the numbers off my card to verify my benefits. When I got to the office, they explained to me how much my insurance would cover over a year. I had a great visit with my doctor and felt significantly better at the end.

I went to the counter to take care of my co-pay and I was told the visit was $55. That's $10 more than I paid per cash visit last year, and it's $43 more than I expected to pay since I have insurance. I asked the girl behind the desk why it was so much since I have insurance. (She wasn't the one who explained my benefits.) She looked confused then asked me to pay it so that I'm covered when they have my insurance verified by Monday. She said they'd apply the balance to my account if I overpaid or collect more if I underpaid. (I don't know how $55 for a $45 office visit could be underpaying.)

I really like my doctor. I drive out of the way to see him. However, his staff disappoints most of the time. His staff would be the reason I would change providers, which could just happen if I'm asked for another $55 on Monday.

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