Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comic-Con 2009

This was my second year at Comic-Con. Andrew and I spent part of the day there on Thursday before our Thursday night show. It was a whirlwind stop, hitting every major company we could for their free stuff before zipping off to the venue. We did make purchases at one booth. They had these adorable hats. I had to get the sock monkey hat. This is me modeling the hat in the bathroom of a gas station after both evening shows on our drive home around midnight.

This was the first time we had to park for Comic-Con. Last year I rode with a bunch of girls and we had a nearby hotel. This year we found a discount lot for $20 that was just over a mile from the Con. Our parking pass was only good for nine hours, so we had to move to an $8 lot before our evening show.

We really should get our own passes for the show and not just take advantage of the time slots for the ones we get as part of the show. Next year I'd like to hit a panel or two, stay longer, and have the money to buy more stuff.


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