Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Kingdom for a Camera

We bought a photo memory card reader for the camera that broke. The problem with the camera is that you can shoot photos but you can't look at them or retrieve them because the switch is broken. In a genius move, Andrew found a reader at Wal Mart for $9. We love Wal Mart. This means you can finally see photos from the World's Smallest Renn Faire! At the top of this entry, you'll see the ladies of Theatre Unleashed in the finest Renn Faire garb Pinkfouffy has to offer.
Then we have Andrew and his kilt. He made the kilt himself for this event. I just helped him with the pleats. He also made the shirt, which he discovered to be rather warm for early summer in So Cal. You can see t-shirts by artist extraordinaire Sebastian Kadlecik. (He does my handdrawn art and designed my t-shirt stencil - one of my favorite people.)
Next up are the dragon puppets Andrew and I made for the vending area at the faire. We designed the event to be kid-friendly, so we thought we should have some souvenirs just for the kids. They're modeled after the puppets we made for "Crocodile Rock" in December.
Then we have Andrew and Phil, AKA Mr. Snapper and Mr. Buddy, performing a vaudeville act designed just for this event. I love how Phil's kilt is some bright red bedsheet.
And lastly, there's me after a long day of working the door. We had face painting available, so I had them paint a fairy on my chest. I was glowing with sweat from the hot summer day.

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