Thursday, August 27, 2009

Barfing HTML

I've been trying to learn HTML on and off all month. I want to build the Red Snapper website from scratch so I can easily update it myself. Of course, I've learned that it might be too much to take on at once. I just want to get up a nice-looking website so I can market myself. Then later I can hire a real designer to format the page as necessary to something much cooler that I can still update myself.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to throw up a website like the old .htm kind we had to do in the mandatory computer class in college in the mid-1990s. Nothing that shitty. I'm just going to use a template and modify it to fit my needs. I hope to have something up in the next week. But for now, I'm dizzy from reading about Dreamweaver.

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