Saturday, August 15, 2009


I've become quite the microblogger. I've found it's very easy to post my thoughts and activities in 140 characters or less on Twitter. It's a little more immediate but a little more random than typing on an actual blog. Sure, I microblog about not getting tortillas with my fajitas or waiting for AAA, but I also microblog about upcoming shows. It's not as well-planned and thorough as a real blog.

So here's a little update on what I'm doing right now:
  • Sixteenth wedding anniversary yesterday. We had barbecue at the only place in Los Angeles that has Southern-style barbecue that we like. We've also been watching "The State" on DVD. It was on television very early in our relationship and we loved it.
  • I went from no jobs on Tuesday to three jobs on Wednesday. I was hired to do admin for a small business owner one day a week, so I did that in the morning. The afternoon was filled with temp work and the evening was spent stage managing a burlesque show. The temp job is at one of my favorite places and will go into next week.
  • Two job interviews last week. One resulted in an immediate hire, the other in a message that the current employee decided to stay. I'm still trolling for work. I think things will pick up, but I have to make a decision about returning to school or not in the fall. I do want to get the education, but I also find myself focusing more on my dancing. I want to be able to tour on weekends, so I have to get a job that can afford me that opportunity financially.
  • Three Saturdays left of my show with Theatre Unleashed. To be clear, I'm just acting in this show. My short play, @twitts, is going to be produced as part of Theatre Unleashed's coffee shop series. I've been cast in Landscaping the Den of Saints that opens in October.
  • I got my hotel room and flight booked for New Orleans Burlesque Festival, and I'm dancing/teaching in Lancaster, CA the weekend I return.
  • I'm trying to learn HTML for my new website. I haven't made it public yet because I want it to be ready before I announce it. It sucks to see a website that says "under construction" or "coming soon."

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