Monday, August 10, 2009

Pure Dumb Luck

With our play opened and rehearsals over, Andrew and I found ourselves with a free Sunday. We narrowed our inexpensive entertainment options down to two beaches. The first was a former nude beach in Santa Barbara where a nudist group has been making a positive impact on the community and held a picnic/rally Sunday. The second was our nude beach that will be nude no more after Labor Day. We don't drive an hour and a half there and often two hours back for the scenery. We decided that since it might be our last visit ever, we'd go to the nude beach that was shutting down.

It's hell going to this beach. We make the long, stupid drive followed by a long, stupid hike to the beach. There are no bathrooms on the beach and I'm not risking a rattlesnake encounter in "stinky canyon," so we never pack a picnic and stay for the day. We set up our blanket, I sun for no more than 20 minutes on each side while I pester Andrew about putting sunscreen on his farmer's tan until he's so annoyed he applies it. The timer goes off, I apply sunscreen to my face and arms again and we start the long, stupid hike back to the car. We usually stop for lunch on the long, stupid drive home. I usually fall asleep during the ride. All of this hassle is enough reason to never return.

The ride home yesterday was full of freeway debris, like lawn chairs, tire pieces and wheeled grocery totes. We avoided most of it. Someone's roof carrier fell apart when we were just south of Anaheim. The metal rail flew off their car, bounced off the freeway once or twice and went under our car. It felt like we were dragging something so we pulled off. The rail punctured our oil filter and drained our engine of its oil when Andrew wrestled it free. We saw the filter later; it looked like it was shot with a shotgun.

I called AAA (which I don't remember renewing so I must've done it in my sleep or when I was under the influence) and they sent out a tow truck. Andrew determined that the filter was the only thing damaged so we could get an oil change, a new oil filter and we should be okay. It cost $38 for the oil change. We lucked out that it didn't cost more we also lucked out that neither of us was injured by the flying debris.

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