Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I've been going through quite a period of adjustment in the past few months. Leaving the job I held for eight years led to a number of changes in my routine. Since I've been freelancing, I haven't had to keep up with a rigid schedule as much and that has slipped into my personal and artistically professional life. When I don't have a day of work, I still get up before Andrew leaves for the day. I job hunt, do some housework, research opportunities and learn new things. I may spend time working on dance numbers or costumes, but every day off is spent doing something productive. It's still quite an adjustment.

I've gone from having a "steady job" five days a week for roughly thirty hours to taking work as it comes up. I have to admit that I do enjoy freelancing. I've done some personal assistant work and some office temp work. I expect to be paid for every dancing gig because I need to be paid for every dancing gig (not that it was a problem before). I'm also working on my dancer website and creating products to sell online associated with my dancer brand. Of course, I've been so scatterbrained at shows lately that my business sense was absent, meaning I wasn't networking and visiting with friends as I normally would. Sorry if you were on the receiving end of any of that.

The most wonderful part of this freelancing thing is that it's given me focus as a dancer. Opportunities have come up that have made me reconsider things. I have one major festival out of town this year (New Orleans), and I have at least one local excursion out of the L.A. area. I'd like to travel more next year, doing weekend tours to nearby places (including those that can be accessed by a $59 one-way flight on Southwest). There are several burlesque festivals I'd like to hit as a performer next year as well. I have to find the kind of job that helps me afford that but I don't think it's going to be a 9-5 job for 40 hours a week. I'll need the flexibility on Fridays and Mondays to travel from time to time.

I have to decide in the next two weeks if I'll be returning to school for all of my classes in the fall. I want to continue my film education and continue with my ballet teacher at the college, but I'm not certain that those things will contribute most immediately to my goals. I can always go back to paying for weekly dance classes somewhere, even if it does cost more than a semester of ballet at the local community college.


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