Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And in This Corner ...

I've sent out a lot of resumes over the summer.  A lot.  I typically troll craigslist for work because it seems to be the best place to hunt for a job.  I've tried job search engines and had no luck.  I've applied directly on recruiting websites and gotten nowhere.  It's a tough time to find work.  I've been on five job interviews and had one over the phone.  Two of those were at temp agencies that both hired me but haven't had the steady stream of work to keep me occupied all summer.  The third was at the place where I work one day a week.  (He got over 200 resumes within an hour of posting for the job and he called me.)  The fourth was the place where the assistant who was leaving when I interviewed decided to stay so the job was no longer vacant.  The fifth interview was today.

I'm very qualified to do office work and bookkeeping.  I know computers and easily learn programs.  I don't apply for jobs that "require hard work and multi-tasking" with a ton of job tasks that pay what local hamburger places do.  I expect to be paid something close to the value of service I deliver, and I do work hard.  I popped over to this interview (from craigslist) today right after I finished my morning of work with the guy I talked about above.  I wore a red v-neck blouse and khakis because I knew it wasn't a law office or Fortune 500 company, and I know business casual is the norm in Los Angeles.  When I entered the office, there were three Latinas dressed in black filling out job applications.  I sat down and filled out my application as the first three gals interviewed together.  I was called over to interview with a fourth Latina dressed in black.  As I interviewed, three more Latinas in black came in to fill out applications.  I was told they were interviewing thirty people today and would do working interviews with five.  I felt like I was in an episode of "Sesame Street" and I was the one thing not like the others.  Who knows if I'll be called in.

So I'm still hunting for work.  It's a tough time out there and my bills aren't getting smaller.  Anyone know of some part-time work out there?


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