Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Burning Down Los Angeles

Armageddon over the Rose Bowl

This is the view of the fire zone.  I pulled this photo down from the L.A. Times website. Actually it's not the entire fire zone.  I live at least ten miles from the fires.  I haven't Mapquested it recently.  Our home is in no danger, but the air has been terrible the past few days.  I had a nasty weekend-long allergy attack from the funky air.  We don't have air conditioning so we rely on window fans to cool our house.  With the nasty air and ash, our house was something of an oven over the past week.  City temps were in the high 90s.
But for the family out there, I know you worry.  We're fine, drinking lots of water and avoiding heavy exercise.  I think I sneeze at least twenty times a day so you know I'm chasing the toxins out.

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