Monday, September 21, 2009

Let's Make a Deal

I'm cool with bartering as long as things work out for both parties.  I don't go for those trades where I put in way more than I get back, especially when the other party indicates that I got a deal.  I don't mind swapping two of what I have for one of what someone else has as long as the value is fair.  It seems like I've been shafted an awful lot.

This week I had a complete opposite experience.  I helped a wonderful performer and now friend with a huge costume and prop project in exchange for feather fans.  I put in lots of time and effort to get my parts of the projects done well and on-time.  I knew when I met this person that it would be fair (not just me hoping it would be fair but knowing deep down it wouldn't).  She's patient, sweet, kind and great to work with.  While I worked hard, I do have a product of incredible value coming to me for all of my work.  Andrew even helped for several hours today.

This project restored my faith in bartering with people, so thanks to my newfound friend for the opportunity and experience.


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