Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Orleans

Sorry I'm sharing this with you almost a week after I got home.  I've had a busy week with work every day and most nights.  I'm very hopeful that trend continues.

I've gotten into a habit of taking less photographs when I go places.  I like having photo memories and pictures to share with you, dear readers, but it becomes cumbersome taking a camera everywhere and I don't want to experience everything through the lens.  You're going to get a few things from the highlights reel.

Dancing at House of Blues was amazing.  This is a photo of the entryway to the green room where I waited for hours to go on.  (I was #25 in a lineup of 27 or 29 acts.)  We were provided with beverages and snacks to ease our wait.  It was a wonderful backstage experience.  We even had praline and cheesecake ice cream at our disposal.  I loved dancing there.

As I waited for the show to start, I decided to add my name to the bathroom wall.  It's just above my finger.  I wish I had a giant Marksalot instead of a borrowed Sharpie so I could really make my mark.  You can see my name amongst a ton of other performers who asserted their importance with pens, pencils and markers.  There was graffiti on the ceiling above the toilet as well.  It was kind of like signing a yearbook.

I had a wonderful time performing at House of Blues.  I hope I'm asked back next year.

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