Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tap-a Tap-a Tap-a

I started my first tap class in nearly ten years today. My wonderful $60 shoes still fit after all these years so I took it as a sign I should get back into a class and learn from a great teacher. I've had so much luck at the community college with ballet that I was very optimistic.

I've taken tap from two teachers. The first was a gym teacher in college who taught "theatre dance." I hated the teacher and hated her teaching style slightly less. It didn't help that I could only afford $12 tap shoes. The second was a cranky old lady who taught through the community service branch of the St. Louis community college system. There were maybe five people in the first class, and just me and Andrew made it to the end of the semester. She ran us through a number of routines but never taught us how to do one really well. She didn't spend enough time drilling us on the basics. At the end of the semester she told us we could continue at a higher rate. I seem to recall saying we'd think about it because it seemed mean to tell her that she sucked as a teacher.

I am soooooo excited about this tap class. The instructor works at a way more expensive school just down the street teaching the same thing. He's a hardass but a great teacher. He explained how to buy good tap shoes. He broke down each step and mixed theory with practical. It was amazing. I learned more in one class with him than in eight to ten months with the other two teachers. It was incredible!

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