Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bargain Showgirl

As you may know, dear reader, my job status has been questionable since the beginning of June.  I'm still freelancing and loving many parts of the freelance lifestyle.  I've been able to help Andrew with some projects that he didn't have time to finish because he was out making real money. 

Anyway, my limited funds have rightly prevented me from making new costumes.  I'm not doing "one-off" numbers right now, meaning numbers that I perform once for a theme show and have to costume from scratch.  Every number I'm doing between now and December will come from my existing repertoire and costume stock.  Last year was very expensive for me in the world of burlesque costumes.

I do have a couple new numbers in the works.  The first will debut at my December show.  Because I have to be smart with my money, I designed the costume on paper first.  I listed out how much fabric to buy to make it and all the colors of rhinestones that would work on it.  I found the perfect fabric yesterday to make most of the costume for just under $7.  I did spend about $30 on rhinestones, but I got some acrylic rhinestones to save money and really make the Swarovskis shine.  I still need to buy a piece of fun foam and perhaps a few notions, but I really saved time and money by designing on paper first.

I'm also going through my fabric stock and making things to sell in my Etsy store.  I'm quite crafty.  If I'm not going to do anything with the fabric and trim I have on hand for myself, I might as well create something and sell it.  I'm making aprons right now for my Etsy store.  I am purchasing some fabric since fuzzy leopard print woudn't make the smartest apron, but I'm trying to use the resources I have first.  I do encourage you to share my Etsy store with friends, especially because I have to pay for that stupid $436 red light ticket from June.  And because I make good stuff.

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