Tuesday, October 06, 2009

When I Grow Up

I've finally decided that when I grow up I want to have a kickass show in an awesome and legendary venue.  It's going to take baby steps to get there I fear, even though I want it to take off quickly.  I've started producing my own show in North Hollywood.  I have to build a following for that show, but Andrew and I have some ideas.  Our first show went really well but I'd really like a bigger audience.  I may investigate taking over a time slot for a monthly show at an established venue, but I don't know that I'd want to do it for more than a year.  I want to take over bigger venues.  I want to work with live music.  I want to bring back as much classic burlesque as I can.

I also want to tour more.  I may go to Costa Rica in January.  I'm going to apply for New Mexico's burlesque showcase in February; we talked in Boston and they invited me to come out.  I think there are two potential tour dates in March.  April is Viva Las Vegas and Boston Burlesque Expo is the same weekend.  This all takes capital.  What's going to help me afford touring is selling my online merchandise.  You can pick up some of my handcrafted items at my Etsy store.  I have showgirl accessories there, and you can find some puppets made by me and Andrew.  More merchandise will be uploaded as the holidays approach, but you can pick up some stuff now.

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