Friday, November 06, 2009

Idle Hands Are What Again?

There is something quite wonderful about being busy and productive despite my questionable employment status.  I know that the activities of today will generate the income of tomorrow.  So I stay very busy.

I met with a new friend and fellow performer for coffee yesterday.  She lives maybe two miles from me but is only performing in Los Angeles for my show.  She's a little weirded out by dancing in the city where she lives.  Anyway, my meeting with her sparked an idea for my next act so the costume is even cooler than I previously hoped.  It wasn't anything specific she said; it was just the creative energy generated by chatting with a colleague.  She and I have big plans to go downtown by bus to do some window shopping and maybe pick up some ribbons for my costumes next week.  It was awesome spending time with her.

I also had a big meeting with the Striptease Symposium ladies about next year's schedule.  I'll be teaching more next year than I did this year.  I'm teaching a couple beginner series and some specialty workshops.  We're also shooting some promotional footage over Thanksgiving break.  I'm really excited about the possibilities.

I'm still working on aprons and pasties as time permits.  I hope these things will help me work my way out of my personal economic crisis.  I do have a job interview Monday for something I can do in my sleep, so I'm very optimistic.


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