Sunday, November 01, 2009

Recession ... Over?

I've been pounding the job boards since June in search of a perfect match: part time work at a cool place using my talents at a decent rate of pay.  I've had a few great interviews but there are so many qualified people looking for work that the job market is super competitive.  People are taking less than their services are worth in an effort to bring home a steady paycheck.  Then there are employers who aren't bringing on new people because the doom and gloom of recession has halted their purchasing, manufacturing and sales to a greater or lesser degree.

Bummed out about my largely fruitless efforts, I told Andrew about my frustrations in finding work.  He said it was announced somewhere that the economic recession was officially over.  That's neat and all that it was announced somewhere (probably some radio program or news page that I don't frequent), but I don't know that enough people were listening.  So here's an announcement to all those potential employers out there: THE RECESSION IS OVER!

Now, let's talk about you bringing a cute girl (me) into you place of business to work for a decent rate of pay.


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