Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bad Habits

2008 is the year I was reminded how much I enjoy beer. I mean, I really like a good beer, and I'm not talking about that piss my dad has consumed my entire life. I'm talking about something quality that costs at least $7 a six-pack. I do love it. I also know that it's full of calories. I might as well eat half a loaf of bread when I knock back two bottles of beer in a night. My body hasn't worked off the beer as quickly as I've consumed it.
I did a really great diet twice: once in 2006 with effects that lasted into early 2008, then again in 2008. As I was finishing the diet in 2008, I was reminded how much I enjoyed beer, the holidays hit and I consumed a lot of junk food. Since then, it's been a steady diet of things I shouldn't eat (bread, candy, cookies and pasta) or drink (Kahlua and milk, beer, spiced rum). The diet works if you follow the guidelines for after the diet. I didn't do so well with that last time. I also noticed each time after doing the diet that the weight gain from breaking the rules put my weight above my weight before starting the diet each time. That's just unfair.

With 2010 just around the corner and photos reminding me of how awesome (and tall) I look with less weight, I have to do something. I have to get some resolve so I can conquer these bad habits (and Andrew is no help in fighting the bad habits with his persistent meal suggestions of beer, pizza, sandwiches and pasta). Maybe I'll cut my bread consumption down to once a week and pasta maybe once a week, beer on special occasions only. I'll have to ease up on dessert and not eat when I'm already full. I also have to get back into dance classes to work off what I consume in a week. I feel less worn-down and restless when I'm in classes.

Now I need this blog to constantly remind me when I feel hopeless on the subject. And my skinny jeans.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wait ... Was That Christmas?

This year has been stressful.  A lot of good things have happened, but it's been a challenging year.  The job stress, worries about the theatre company, lack of time and money have worn us down.  Andrew and I didn't get our holiday cards out yet because we've been so busy, and we lost our broken digital camera so we have to figure out what we're going to do for 2010 cards.  Andrew and I didn't get big gifts for one another because I'm still working out my job situation so I have to have the steady, happily-earned paycheck before we make major purchases.

We've tried celebrating this Christmas.  We did small, fun gifts for one another.  We got tickets to another JM concert.  We made the Doodlecake.  We went to the movies twice and watched a slew of movies at home.  We even prepared a traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.  We went to two holiday parties yesterday.  Christmas cards are hanging in the living room, so why doesn't it feel like yesterday was Christmas?

I wonder if we're so busy planting the roses that we're not stopping to smell them.  We have a theatre fundraiser tonight so we can raise rent money for our space since the economy has not been kind to our members or productions.  Andrew has a writing target for his week off work.  I have to build a huge prop and I'm focused on my January shows.  Maybe we're so stuck in future mode we just can't function in the holiday now.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wardrobe: John Mayer Shirt #14

It's been a while since I've rhapsodized about my John Mayer wardrobe.  I'm all about supporting artists I love by buying their merchandise.  That's why my John Mayer wardrobe is so extensive.

I got this shirt at my seventh John Mayer concert last December.  I wanted one of the "City of Angels Love" shirts from Irvine but I didn't get one at the time.  I'm glad I waited.  This edition has silver foil letters and the concert date is printed on the back.

This particular concert was a gift.  Sure, I bought tickets, but the performance was a gift for fans.  It was so raw, vulnerable and amazing.  JM performed by himself the entire evening.  It was incredible.

Andrew is wearing his JM military cap from the same event.  He lost it at one point so I bought him a replacement.  That's when he found the original.


Doodlecake 2009

Once again it's time for John Mayer's Interfaith Baking Contest.  How to top last year's Doodlecake that earned a position on JM's blog and got JM to call Felicity cute (in regards to a cake)?  Sculpt Felicity and put her on a cake.  We used gum paste, one of the stranger things we've worked with.  It's entirely edible.  Andrew sculpted from a photo I took of Felicity sleeping on the couch in my hoodie, then I painted the details with frosting.

Neither of us can get over how cute the Doodlebug is on that cake!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Loafing Time

I have a moment to myself and I'm moving slowly this morning.  It's actually very pleasant to move slowly for a change.  So much has been going on lately that I need the chance to breathe.

We opened the run of Holiday Hangover last weekend for a two-week run before folks left town for the holidays.  I also produced my third burlesque show on my own, and this one went really well.  I danced at a club that was new to me on Tuesday night.  We closed Holiday Hangover Saturday night and had our Theatre Unleashed Christmas party immediately after.  Yesterday was the free class and open house at the dance school where I'm teaching and the "Dexter" season finale.  I'm wiped out after all that activity.

On the job front, some temp work at the place I love dropped in my lap for the holidays and it was an opportunity too good to pass up.  The job I took in November hasn't turned out as I expected, and I'm officially done there Wednesday.  I had to spend more than a week there to see if it would work or not.  Taking on a new job is a lot like dating.  It wasn't the love connection I expected.

We still haven't shot our Christmas card because we've been so busy.  Those will probably hit mailboxes in early 2010.  We're trying to recover from the busy year and plan for the next.


Friday, December 04, 2009

Swelling With Pride

Theatre Unleashed Nominated for Six ADA Awards

Valley Theatre League recognizes almost all of the company’s original Main Stage shows from 2008 and 2009, from actors to writers to designers and more.

LOS ANGELES – Theatre Unleashed is proud to announce that it has been nominated in six different categories in this year’s Valley Theatre League Artistic Director Achievement Awards, for original shows produced by the rapidly growing company in its first two years. The winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony Monday, Dec. 7 at 7:30 p.m. at the West Valley Playhouse in Canoga Park.

Pin-Up Girls, an original play by Andrew Moore that explored the world of 1940s burlesque dancers, is nominated for Best Original Play. Brian Gaston, who played bumbling-in-love horn player Bottles in the show, is nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Starlet Jacobs is nominated for Best Set Design for the show as well.

Moore is also nominated for Best Author-Original Play for his show Tracing Sonny, a romantic dramedy about how the baggage we carry from childhood can dominate our personal relationships as adults. Yelena Babinskaya is also nominated from the show for Best Lighting Design.

“This is an incredible validation of the work we strive to do,” said Moore, who is also the company’s president. “We have much respect for the other nominees. They have created a rich and fertile theatrical ecology in North Hollywood, which is no small part of why we chose this community as our residence. To be nominated alongside them is a thrill and an honor for this young company.”

Friends Like These, an intense drama about teen violence and one of the company’s most popular shows (along with Pin-Up Girls), is nominated for Best Ensemble Cast. The show, which played to sellout crowds, will return for a brief run January 15, 2010.

“We’ve tried to create an environment in which a person’s vision can flourish and grow through collaboration with no one person pushing the buttons,” said Artistic Director Phillip Kelly. “It’s led to a very diverse couple of seasons that will continue into our third. I’m proud of the people nominated, but I think each of them can easily say they were one part of a whole and that’s why their talents shined as brightly as they did; they left their ego at the door.”

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