Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bad Habits

2008 is the year I was reminded how much I enjoy beer. I mean, I really like a good beer, and I'm not talking about that piss my dad has consumed my entire life. I'm talking about something quality that costs at least $7 a six-pack. I do love it. I also know that it's full of calories. I might as well eat half a loaf of bread when I knock back two bottles of beer in a night. My body hasn't worked off the beer as quickly as I've consumed it.
I did a really great diet twice: once in 2006 with effects that lasted into early 2008, then again in 2008. As I was finishing the diet in 2008, I was reminded how much I enjoyed beer, the holidays hit and I consumed a lot of junk food. Since then, it's been a steady diet of things I shouldn't eat (bread, candy, cookies and pasta) or drink (Kahlua and milk, beer, spiced rum). The diet works if you follow the guidelines for after the diet. I didn't do so well with that last time. I also noticed each time after doing the diet that the weight gain from breaking the rules put my weight above my weight before starting the diet each time. That's just unfair.

With 2010 just around the corner and photos reminding me of how awesome (and tall) I look with less weight, I have to do something. I have to get some resolve so I can conquer these bad habits (and Andrew is no help in fighting the bad habits with his persistent meal suggestions of beer, pizza, sandwiches and pasta). Maybe I'll cut my bread consumption down to once a week and pasta maybe once a week, beer on special occasions only. I'll have to ease up on dessert and not eat when I'm already full. I also have to get back into dance classes to work off what I consume in a week. I feel less worn-down and restless when I'm in classes.

Now I need this blog to constantly remind me when I feel hopeless on the subject. And my skinny jeans.

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