Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wait ... Was That Christmas?

This year has been stressful.  A lot of good things have happened, but it's been a challenging year.  The job stress, worries about the theatre company, lack of time and money have worn us down.  Andrew and I didn't get our holiday cards out yet because we've been so busy, and we lost our broken digital camera so we have to figure out what we're going to do for 2010 cards.  Andrew and I didn't get big gifts for one another because I'm still working out my job situation so I have to have the steady, happily-earned paycheck before we make major purchases.

We've tried celebrating this Christmas.  We did small, fun gifts for one another.  We got tickets to another JM concert.  We made the Doodlecake.  We went to the movies twice and watched a slew of movies at home.  We even prepared a traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.  We went to two holiday parties yesterday.  Christmas cards are hanging in the living room, so why doesn't it feel like yesterday was Christmas?

I wonder if we're so busy planting the roses that we're not stopping to smell them.  We have a theatre fundraiser tonight so we can raise rent money for our space since the economy has not been kind to our members or productions.  Andrew has a writing target for his week off work.  I have to build a huge prop and I'm focused on my January shows.  Maybe we're so stuck in future mode we just can't function in the holiday now.


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