Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wardrobe: John Mayer Shirt #14

It's been a while since I've rhapsodized about my John Mayer wardrobe.  I'm all about supporting artists I love by buying their merchandise.  That's why my John Mayer wardrobe is so extensive.

I got this shirt at my seventh John Mayer concert last December.  I wanted one of the "City of Angels Love" shirts from Irvine but I didn't get one at the time.  I'm glad I waited.  This edition has silver foil letters and the concert date is printed on the back.

This particular concert was a gift.  Sure, I bought tickets, but the performance was a gift for fans.  It was so raw, vulnerable and amazing.  JM performed by himself the entire evening.  It was incredible.

Andrew is wearing his JM military cap from the same event.  He lost it at one point so I bought him a replacement.  That's when he found the original.


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