Saturday, January 30, 2010


I've been paid to be a meany and I didn't enjoy it. That's funny to express because I didn't mind being mean to the neighbor kids growing up. The people I was paid to be mean to didn't really deserve the punishment they got.

I had a job over five years ago where I managed an acting class. I was responsible for roll and collecting the checks, booking the stage for acting scenes and answering questions for the students. I was also responsible for disciplinary meetings where I had to tell a student he had to leave because he made another student feel odd during a scene; where I had to give a student a warning for something so minor I can't remember what it was; and, worst of all, where I had to tell a student she couldn't sleep with anyone in class because she slept with someone in class and it never came up in class but she mistakenly told one of her friends from class outside of class that they dated for a short while during their concurrent enrollment. Stupid. Bullshit. I didn't really care what they did so long as the class want interrupted with bullshit. My boss, on the other hand, had certain ideas about how students should conduct themselves in class and in life. And because I didn't stand up for them to my boss, they had an unsatisfactory and unneccessary experience.

What really sucked was the fact that my boss had all the issues with these students and couldn't confront the students to work something out. It also sucked that the "rules" only applied to certain students, like the girl who slept with a guy from class got a reprimand meeting and the guy didn't even get a disapproving glance from the teacher. It was so idiotic.

If you guys are out there and see my blog, know that I didn't want to be a meany and have those stupid meetings with you. I was an enforcer. It doesn't excuse what I did, but I think we're all better off not being in that class if that's how the game is played there.

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