Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've been missing in action from this blog for a little over a month.  A lot has happened, and I hate burdening my readers with the not-so-great stuff.  I was disappointed by a colleague and had a project dropped in my lap (along with a few other people) that had to be done.  I also ended a long-term relationship with an organization.  Those are really all the details I feel like posting here.  You can email me if you can't piece it all together from my random posts over the past few months.

Anyway, a lot of great stuff has happened to overshadow the other nonsense.  I've been busy in the burlesque world.  Not as many performances on the books this year as in the past two years, but I'm focusing on quality of performances instead of quantity.  I've culled some costumes, reworked others.  I have a creative team working on a big, fancy costume for me.  I'm not creating as many new routines this year as I have in the past two years.  I'm planning a weekend Texas tour that includes four shows, two classes and three modeling shoots.  And the burlesque show I produce is finding its way.  I'm writing original sketches for the show and have a Latvian pop singer performing in June.

I'm working a couple jobs that can accommodate my freelance artist schedule.  I'm really happy with these jobs.  They don't care what I do when I leave work, and they don't mind if I work on other projects in my downtime at the office.

I directed The Bear, a short play by Anton Chekhov, translated by George Malko.  I'm the girl you call in to direct make-out scenes.  I'm delighted that I got to direct a Chekhov because I studied some Chekhov in college, thought it was funny, then was corrected by my professor.  Theatre Unleashed's production of The Unserious Chekhov (a collection of his short comedic plays, produced in conjunction with Mr. Malko) is absolutely hilarious.  I love The Bear, and I got to direct a husband-wife team in their first show opposite each other.  It was a great deal of fun for me.

I've been writing as well.  I wrote another short play for a TU 24-hour play festival at the beginning of the month.  I've written two original burlesque sketches this month and hope to crank out more.  One of the short plays I wrote last year for the TU coffee shop shows is being produced as part of a showcase this summer.

I saw my eighth John Mayer concert in March.  I look forward to catching my ninth and tenth in August.  Andrew and I had a blast and were able to take a bus to the venue so we didn't have to blow $20 on parking.  I'll blog about that show and my new shirts soon.

That's the majority of what I've been doing.  The dogs are doing well.  Piper turns thirteen in July.  She's looking pretty rickety but she's happy and still active.  Doodlebug -- er, Felicity -- is, well, doodly.

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