Monday, May 31, 2010

Making Time

At the advice of my closest friend Angie, I'm trying to ease up on my dance schedule so I don't go out of my mind. My June is still busy, but I'm making an effort to work on the quality of my performances above the quantity of my performances.

Following that logic, I'm trying to put in more quality time with my friends. I find it helps build and strengthen relationships when they don't just take place at work. I was able to spend many hours visiting with my friend Michelle when I wa in Texas. It was a great time to really connect and het to know her.

Before I left for Texas, I shot a short film with Jenn and found out she was job hunting, and I've come up with some potential job ideas for her since. I also carpooled to a rehearsal near Ventura County with Julia and learned about the technical side of hair weaves.

I spent quality time with some friends at home this week that I might not have otherwise. I visited with Lili into the wee hours of the morning over breakfast after a blues fundraiser. I danced a bachelor party with Adria and spent a couple hours catching up and talking about LOST. I did a short film with Katalin and found out she's a dog person over our breaks. And I spent a huge chunk of today just charting with Angie.

In this fast-paced world, we don't take the time to get to know one another as perhaps we should. I hope to make more time with my friends henceforth. We'll call it a Mid-Year Resolution.

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