Friday, June 04, 2010

Getting Excited

It's hard for me to get excited about going to see a play.  That's pretty embarrassing because helped found a theatre company.  I'd rather spend $15 on pizza delivery and stay in my living room to watch Out Cold again than drop $30 to $50 for Andrew and me to see a bad play in a black box theater.  At least I'm being honest, right?

Last night I danced in a fundraiser for Hollywood Fringe Fest.  Fellow Theatre Unleashed founding member Gregory Crafts has a play in the festival - Friends Like These - a wonderful play about what high school really feels like.  Andrew and I are in The WRONG Show, a burlesque show that is just so wrong it's right.  (He plays a young Hitler and I play a young Eva Braun in "I Was a Teenage Hitler.")  Of course I support the works that are very dear to me, but it took last night for me to get excited about seeing plays again.

There are so many shows to see and I'm dancing in Colorado next month so I have to be smart with my money.  Here's where I'm putting my money this year:
  • The Fuxedos with Fish Circus - Okay, this isn't a play.  The Fuxedos played the first WRONG Show and have played a couple other burlesque shows.  Hilarious and disturbing.  Fish Circus played Mister T's Bowl in Highland Park back when I was dancing Burlesque A-Go-Go.  Interesting, strange and very entertaining.  I insisted Andrew buy tickets right away when we found out they were playing together.
  • Happy Birthday, Mom - I met the playwright last night.  She was absolutely charming.  When I sat down to read the flier (which tells you what the play is about - good on her!), I was hooked.  Keywords from the synopsis: mom, craigslist, leather, sex.
  • Back to You: A Dear John (Mayer) Letter - This is one of those "You had me at hello" kinds of plays.  Put John Mayer in the title and I'm there, wearing a John Mayer tee and a John Mayer hoodie (because that's how I dress all the time).  And using a song title from Room For Squares is brilliant.
There are a lot of shows in this festival, but I'm performing in at least five shows that week (possibly six) and have to work around that schedule.  It reminds me of picking what shows to see at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in my late teens and early twenties.  What's nice is that there are enough options and tastes to keep me excited about it.


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