Monday, April 25, 2011

From the Ashes

I haven't posted here in a while. I've been a bit more regular on my dancer blog. I've been getting all deeply personal on this one in the past year.

My dancing career is going very well. My goal was to dance in six different states this year (besides my beloved Golden State). It's April and I've danced in Texas (Dallas, San Antonio & Denton), New Mexico (Albuquerque) and Nevada (Las Vegas). As I type this on my iPod, I'm en a plane to Boston to dance tomorrow night. I'm in Chicago to train and perform in two weeks and my home state of Arkansas (Hot Springs & Little Rock) the following weekend. That's six and the year isn't half over. I'm looking into hitting a couple others before the year is out, but airfare has skyrocketed in the past month.

Andrew and I have been busy repairing the damage our Scientology involvement did to our credit. To be fair, Scientology didn't ruin our credit. We were the idiots who believed their hype and worked at jobs that didn't address payroll deductions since we were "independent contractors." I'm proud to say that this is the first year since our initial involvement with Scientology (1999) that we haven't owed more money when we filed our return. Hell yes!

Without the burden of administrating a theatre company (weekly executive shouting matches--er, meetings, stressing about paying for this and that, trying to keep members involved and memberships high so the dues could pay for bare bones productions, dickish accusations, shouting, rewards not outweighing the effort or expense), Andrew and I have both been able to focus on the careers we want. He's been actively working on more material with his comedy partner, working on scripts and short film ideas. Did I mention we're happier without the drama and the yelling?

We made a puppy love connection. Buster (wiener dog & Staffordshire terrier mix) has been a member of our household for two months. I'll share a photo when I'm not on a plane. :). We met him right before I flew to Albuquerque and picked him up as soon as I got home. I fell in love with his pretty blue eyes. He's seven months old and a terrible rascal. He's still learning he lives with a showgirl and that feathers are not games. He and Felicity get along wonderfully. We were finally able to afford to get Felicity spayed at an animal hospital. Expensive, but she's considered an old dog at five and therefore at risk. It's a happy, healthy, active little family.

Last in my string of good news is my next large costume project. It fits perfectly with the title of this blog. I'll start construction in May after my trips.

At thirtysomething, I'm glad I finally started getting rid of stressful components of my life that weren't rewarding enough for the work they required. I feel pretty zen.

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