Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ten Years

I realized on Monday that Sunday marked our ten year anniversary as residents of Los Angeles.  Wow.  In that ten years:
  • My two dalmatians from Arkansas (Holly and Piper) passed and we got two mixed breed California dogs (Felicity/The Doodlebug and Buster).
  • I left a cult, was part of a theatre company, left that one to start another (theatre cult) and left that one as well.
  • I went on a lot of auditions, did some acting work and figured out that it wasn't exactly what I expected when I was a youth in the South and Midwest.  It's a lot less glamorous than it seems, and it doesn't pay as well unless you're a name star.
  • I got into dancing again and made my nest in burlesque.
  • I had three and a half jobs.  I worked as a driver for one person for four months after I moved to town, learning the layout of the city.  I then worked for the cult-associated business from late 2001 until two years ago.  I've been working at my current job since last year in March.  The half job I'm counting would be all the temping and project work I did that wasn't a daily paycheck.
  • I've lived in three places: a studio apartment, a one-bedroom apartment and the house I'm in now.
  • I've gained and lost weight a couple times.
Ten years.  I'm not where I expected to be in life after ten years in Los Angeles, but I like where I am. I can't complain.